Government Services

Tribal General Counsel

As general counsel for a number of Indian tribes, we have spent extensive time in tribal council meetings, working with tribal staff and litigating in federal, tribal, and state courts. Tribal governments and leaders have trusted our attorneys to advise them on a broad range of issues including trust acquisitions, lobbying, overseeing the work of outside counsel and consultants, and working with various governmental bodies.

Gaming Commission Counsel

Our legal team assists both newly forming and fully functioning tribal gaming commissions. We work daily with issues involving licensing, gaming ordinances, procedures, policies, minimum internal control standards, and other requirements of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Tribal Law Development

Our attorneys are well versed in the design of modern tribal law that enfolds traditional culture. We stand ready to help draft or revise tribal constitutions, statutes, ordinances and regulations, and with the development of tribal law enforcement and court systems.

Trust Responsibility Enforcement

Our attorneys have brought claims on behalf of Indian tribes against the United States to secure compensation for and correct the mismanagement of tribal trust funds. Our breach of trust litigation and settlement activities have taken us before the Court of Federal Claims and every level of the federal court system.

Land Into Trust

Our firm assists tribes with the processing of fee-to-trust applications with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our attorneys have gained substantial experience navigating the complex regulatory framework associated with the fee-to-trust process.

Taxation & Regulation

We are thoroughly familiar with the legal principles governing federal, tribal, state, and local taxation as well as with the regulation of tribes, individuals, and business enterprises in Indian Country. We assist clients in responding to state and local attempts to impose taxes or regulatory requirements on reservation-based activities. We also work with tribal governments in developing tax and regulatory codes.

Legislative & Administrative Advocacy

We have extensive administrative experience representing tribal clients before federal agencies, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Small Business Administration. Our attorneys also represent clients before Congress, state legislatures, city councils, county commissions, planning agencies, and state water offices.