Economic Opportunties


As general counsel to tribal gaming enterprises, the firm drafts and reviews contracts, advises on regulatory compliance issues, and resolves personnel, vendor and other business matters. We also assist in taking land into trust for gaming purposes; the negotiation of gaming-related agreements, including management, development and financing contracts; and with resolving tribal-state gaming compact issues.

Corporate Counsel

We act as general counsel for a variety of native and non-native enterprises, both for profit and not for profit, providing legal advice and representation. Our attorneys appear on behalf of our clients before federal, state and tribal courts, agencies, and legislative committees. We attend meetings of councils, governing bodies, and other groups whenever needed.

Enterprise Organization

We have extensive experience assisting tribes and pueblos with the formation of tribal enterprise corporations, including federally chartered corporations under Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act.

Commercial Transactions

We help structure all varieties of commercial transactions. Our work includes the review and negotiation of hotel and casino financing arrangements, equipment leasing, construction agreements, real estate purchase agreements, and electric power plant development agreements. We also have experience with on- and off-reservation leasing, including business site leasing, mining and agricultural leasing as well as pipeline and access rights-of-way across Indian trust land.